Green Your Business

Businesses and consumers are seeing the advantages of reducing waste, saving water and energy, recycling, and using less hazardous materials – greener choices mean healthier economies and communities.

  • Create a safer, healthier work environment
    Getting rid of hazardous chemicals means less chance for exposure or spills
  • Attract new customers and reinforce customer loyalty
    People in Washington state place a high value on our natural resources and healthy living – it's an integral part of our quality of life here
  • Enhance employee awareness and retention
    Create greater involvement and sense of pride at work resulting in lower employee turnover
  • Increase efficiencies in operations
    Small changes can have big payoffs – operate leaner and cleaner
  • Save on disposal and material costs
    Using less raw materials, putting less in your dumpster, and having less hazardous waste to properly manage all mean savings for your business, in time and money
  • Reduce liability from property contamination and accidents
    Thinking about selling your business or passing it on to family? Remember the saying "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure": it takes a whole lot less to address things before they become a problem (think BP oil spill...)
  • Be a proactive business leader and community asset
    Be seen as a good neighbor, smart business person, and positive contributor to the lives of people around you – and they'll in turn support your business
  • It's the right thing to do!
    You know it in your gut right? So do it – now is the time!

What EnviroStars certified businesses are saying

I put the EnviroStars logo on my truck, a couple of now new clients saw it and went to the EnviroStars website to get my phone number. I recommend this to everyone!
- Linda Sires, Ridgeway Gardens

Being an EnviroStar demonstrates responsible citizenship, which makes employees proud to work here. Heightened consciousness guides vendor and product choices.
- Nancy Charpentier, Printing Control

My business is operating more efficiently and I have realized a cost savings through process changes, purchasing [less hazardous] substitutes, and reducing disposal fees.
- Keith Russell, DME Auto Service

As an environmental nonprofit, we're always looking for greener ways to do business. Thanks to the EnviroStars program, we took a serious look at our internal operations and made some great improvements.
- Duane Jager, Appliance Depot

Some of the smallest, yet cost effective things - whether its recycling, cleaning up, using environmentally friendly products, or simply repairing fluid leaks in your vehicle, can collectively make a significant impact.

- Ranji Dhatt, Madison Ave Garage